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metalvalor Deutschland GmbH is based in Saarbrücken with roundabout 60 employees, with a mother company, metalvalor S.A.S. based in Paris.

For more than 20 years we have been leading specialists in the recycling of dental metals, working with both dentists and dental laboratories. Thanks to our innovative analytical methods and first-class customer service, we stand proudly as market leaders in the field, supervising more than 11000 clients throughout Europe and North America.

The right price thanks to our portable spectrometers

Portable spectrometers were originally developed to detect material impurities, but today, due technological advances, they have become quick and reliable metal analysis devices which are in no way inferior to stationary spectrometers for small-scale analysis.

A spectrometer provides a breakdown of the precious metal content of alloys.
We use spectrometers and analyze the old tooth gold on site in the presence of our
clients. This analysis is used for the physical determination of major, minor and trace

Our Prices are then based on the precise determination of the actual content (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) of the dental waste and not on approximate average or estimated values.

How we pay “the right price” based on the measurement result

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